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With a container, you can do in 24 hours what could take months of complicated construction to complete. In addition, storage containers can easily be relocated.  Yes, storage containers are extremely valuable. They give you the ability to house additional inventory and keep it at your location where you have immediate access and total control.
Listed below are just a few applications
· Additional Office Space - With Windows and Climate Control!
With a few modifications like windows, electricity, air conditioning and heating, you can have up to 600 sq feet of additional office space for just pennies on the dollar!
· Create a Shop - Partition with Door
Simply position a wall inside the cargo doors, install a personal door in the partition and you have a new room!
    · Shelters - Get Full Protection From the Elements
    · Vending facilities - Ready for Business in 48 Hour
    · Climate Control-Flowers, vegetables, food, etc. Store for a specific event or the entire season.
    · Marinas, Trailer Parks, Hunting Clubs- Rent out storage lockers your customers.
    · Fast Deployment Levies / retaining walls.

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